Joining the Opioid TeleECHO Clinic

To join a clinic, identify the topic/discipline you would like to engage with and then complete a brief registration survey. You can learn more about each clinic on the Tracks page.

Prior to participating in your first session, please complete the Confidentiality and Privacy Agreement.

Each clinic track will run separately with a cohort of up to 30 participants. You can see the dates and times for the current cohorts on the Tracks page. After a cohort ends, a new one will begin. Topics are subject to change though.

Participation in the program is available at no cost to care providers and other stakeholders in Indiana. We would particularly like to collaborate with providers who are interested in becoming local experts in the field in their region of the state. Participants are encouraged to invite other staff members from their organization (such as nurses, medical assistants, or practice managers) to participate in the sessions with them.