ECHO clinics are currently running for the following topic/disciplines. Select a track to the left to view the schedule, resources, and expert panelists. After a clinic's curriculum is completed, it will restart with a new cohort of participants or a different topic will be offered.

Current Clinics

  • Prescribers & Dispensers - Providers and pharmacists who have or who are planning to obtain their SAMHSA waiver to prescribe or dispense buprenorphine for OUD
    — Meets every Wednesday from noon-1:00pm
  • Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome - Opioid use disorder as it relates to NAS
    — Meets every other Thursday from noon-1:00pm
  • Pregnancy in OUD - Treatment approaches for pregnant and parenting women with OUD and their infants and children
    — Meets every other Thursday from noon-1:00pm
  • Case Management for OUD in Pregnancy - A case management focused approach to treating women with OUD in pregnancy
    — Meets every other Thursday from noon-1:00pm
  • Jail-Based Management of OUD - Promotes clinical competence in treating for opioid use disorder in a jail-based setting
    — Meets every other Tuesday from noon-1:00pm

Past Clinics

IU is currently operating an ECHO clinic on Hepatitis C as well.